The Yolo County Sheriff's Office is looking for a person(s) responsible for abandoning a pit bull in Clarksburg on Tuesday, one of a string of cases of deserted dogs in the area.

According to Yolo County Animal Services, the dog was emaciated, had cropped ears, and injuries from being incorrectly spayed.

"That is so sad that human beings would do something like that to animals," said Pedro Reynoso, who lives near Willow Point Road, where the dog was found.

Animal Services says in the past six months, officers have picked up 16 dogs in the Clarksburg area. Ten of them were pit bulls that had cropped ears and found in poor condition.

"All of the people who live in the Clarksburg area are very protective, because they themselves have animals," Reynoso explained. "I think this happens with people who come from the city and drop them off."

Officials say the pit bull they picked up Tuesday was found in horrifying conditions. They discovered she had recently been unprofessionally spayed, and because of a severe infection in her abdomen and other injuries, she had to be euthanized.

"Just a sad situation that animals trust in us to take care of them, and we do this to them. It’s just really horrible, really bad," Reynoso added.

Animal Services say most of the abandoned dogs were found on South River Road, Willow Point Road, Babel Slough Road and County Road 141.

“I can't even fathom doing that to another living, breathing creature. I just can't,” said Susan Hall, who lives near one of the roads where animals are often dumped.

She's hoping this latest animal cruelty investigation will help start to solve the ongoing problem of animals being dumped.

“Hopefully we can either find out who is doing this," Hall said. "By putting it on the news, we're putting some spotlight on it, going look, you're being watched. We got thousands of eyes out here, somebody is going to see something and hopefully you're going to get caught or you're just going to stop doing it."

Investigators are asking anyone who’s seen a person(s) or vehicle abandoning a dog in the Clarksburg area, to call (530) 666-8282. They’re also asking for anyone who can help identify the owner of the two pit bulls picked up on Tuesday to call (530) 668-5287.

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