Now that the presidential election is over, it's time to take a look at some of the great strides America has taken in the 2016 election outside of the Presidential race. Many of these newly elected officials made history, some locally and others nationally.

Elk Grove Mayor-elect, Steve Ly is one of those history makers.

"I am just an average dad who decided I want to get involved in my community," Ly said.

He is a refugee, grew up in Fresno, worked on a farm, went to U.C. Davis and will soon be the Mayor of Elk Grove.

"I think it is the story of all Americans," Ly added.

He likes to golf, loves his family and according to his office space he has won a lot of awards. Ly is a humble man for breaking ground in his community as the first Hmong mayor in America, ever.

"Many Americans bring stories similar to mine, here to make this great nation, we have to remember that and I think that it is extremely important to remember that we are a nation of immigrants," Ly said.

Ly chose to engage in the political process this election season along with many others across the United States. Kamala Harris is the the first Indian American woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Ilhan Omar is the first Somali American Muslim woman elected to public office in Minnesota. The list goes on with Kate Brown as the first openly gay Governor in U.S. history for Oregon and Zena Stephens, the first African-American woman to be elected as sheriff in Texas. Six women made history in congress and the number of women of color quadrupled in the senate.

"In retrospect, in analyzing my journey, I think this could only happen in America, there is nowhere else in the world that a refugee kid could run for public office," Ly said.

The newly elected mayor will be sworn in on Dec. 14 at the Elk Grove City Council meeting.