Walmart wants to take delivery one step further from your front door to your fridge.

The big box retailer recently announced in a blog post, a trial service where delivery drivers would enter a customer's home using smart lock technology to delivery groceries straight to the fridge. The test run would be done in partnership with August Home, which makes the keyless locks that can be controlled with a smartphone.

The service is being tested in Silicon Valley with a small group who are already August Home customers and opted-in for the service. Walmart sent invitations to select August Home customers asking if they wanted to participate in the trial, according to Walmart spokesperson, Ravi Jariwala.

The retailer filled their initial test group almost immediately and now has a waiting list 10 to 20 times larger than the original test group, said Jariwala.

Customers can order products and groceries alike to be brought into their home by a driver contracted by Deliv, a same-day delivery service.

The delivery pilot is an extra push to compete with online giant Amazon. The move may seem intrusive and even risky to some skeptical customers. Giving a stranger access to your home is an idea most people are not comfortable with. ABC10 reached out to Deliv to see what security measures are taken when contracting drivers.

Here are 5 things to know about the Walmart service:

1. Deliv drivers are authorized to use a one-time code to enter a customer's home when an order is placed, meaning they cannot re-enter the home once the delivery is done. The customer must already have August Home keyless locks. Customers have the option of watching the entire delivery process on video on their smartphones. They are alerted once the Deliv driver is out of their home and the door is locked behind them.

2. All Deliv drivers undergo a "comprehensive screening process" and also undergo regular audits, ratings and check, according to Marisa Lam, spokesperson for Deliv.

Drivers must earn Deliv's certification and pass a multi-tiered screening which includes a background check, video interviews, driver's license, registration and insurance verification, as well as a driving history check and proof of a dependable vehicle. Customers can rate their Deliv drivers based on their experience. Lam said Deliv only maintains a partnership with drivers who have a consistent record of timeliness, reliability and good overall delivery results.

When driving for the Walmart pilot, drivers have to agree to be monitored on smartphone video and homeowner's security cameras.

3. The Walmart service is currently only being tested to customers with no pets in the house which eliminates any issues a pet may have while encountering a stranger in their home.

4. Walmart is testing different price points for the service. However, the price for the August Home keyless locks and technology is separately priced through their company, according to Jariwala.

5. Walmart stresses that the service is not for everyone. It's convenient for a person who spends most of their day out of the house and is used to having people, such as housekeepers, dog walkers and babysitters, come into their home throughout the day. The delivery service is only being tested for feedback at this time.