Have you seen the movie “The Founder”? It's the story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into the biggest restaurant business in the world. It's on Netflix, add it to your queue.

Who actually founded McDonald's though? Was it the McDonald brothers in the 1940’s or Ray Kroc?

The movie shows how America fell in love with McDonald's and the ease of getting your lunch served to you “quickly." Did you know that of the more than 30,000 McDonald's franchises, that the sixth one built was on Fruitridge Road in Sacramento. Albeit slightly updated, the location still exists at that spot today.

Did you know the first A&W Root Beer stand was built in Lodi and the second one in Sacramento?

Other well-known national chains that started in California include Jack-in-the-Box, Weinerschnitzel, In-N-Out and H. Salt Fish & Chips.

And although it didn’t start in California, Panera Bread has many locations in our state and is listed by Health.com as the healthiest fast food franchise in the U.S....just in case you wanted something healthier for lunch today.