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A taste of Sacramento with local food blogger @KandiceEatsWorld

Food blogging is a phenomenon, growing daily. Restaurants get free advertising, foodies get their munch on — it's a win-win.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Farm-to-Fork Capital is full of delicious dining options, attracting plenty of food bloggers. Restaurants get free advertising, foodies get their munch on — it's a win-win. 

Kandice Hwang of @kandiceeatsworld began her food blogging journey in March of 2018 when one of her favorite Indian Restaurants in Folsom closed.

"I feel like, if people had more knowledge about what the food is like, what region it’s from, who are the owners, if they had more information, more people would have gone there," Hwang explained.

Hwang's goal since then has been to post the mom-and-pop restaurants in the area, rather than solely trendy spots. 

"I would like to bring that to other restaurants, and hopefully people can see what they bring to the table," Hwang said.

The art of food blogging, of course, requires a fondness for food. For Hwang, she grew up in San Jose enjoying her mom's cooking. 

"My love of food comes from my mom for sure," Hwang explained. "Her love language to us growing up was through cooking and through making really good food."

A sense of adventure takes Hwang to obscure restaurants throughout Sacramento and surrounding counties — and she's sure to take her followers along.

"I want to build a good following, but I want it to be authentic," Hwang explained. "I want people to follow me because they genuinely connect with my love of food and hopefully, they can discover new places to eat to."

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