It was a pitch for a movie. At first, Joey Travolta made it clear he didn't like it. But then, he made it clear he was joking by saying he loved it.

"I always approve it. But sometimes I play like I don't," said Travolta, a long time actor and director, and brother of actor John Travolta.

His young film novices are special needs students with autism, learning disabilities and more.

For 13 years, Travolta has run his Summer Inclusion Film Camp. This is the first time he has held it in Stockton. 50 students, ages 18-22 with the Stockton Unified School District's Young Adult Program attend the camp for two weeks.

The students are broken up into three groups. Each group has three days to come up with a movie idea and then develop a script. They have a day and a half to shoot the film.

The films then become a part of a show called "Inside The Filmmaker's Studio."

"I was a special ed teacher before. So, It's near and dear to my heart. And, film making is my life," said Travolta.

Travolta is planning to establish a permanent film studio in Stockton this fall.