As the East Coast braces for what could be their 3rd Nor'Easter in only a week, Californians are coming to grips with the wicked winter storm that recently swept through our area. Four people died and at least 14 others were trapped in the snow.

Views like the ones in the Sierra are so beautiful it's easy to see why folks love the mountains in the winter.

However, winter storms have proven to be a real threat.

"You're not just going to be in the snow. You're going to have to drive to the snow so you have to be able to get from point A to point B," said Bryan May from the California Office of Emergency Services.

May says it only takes a little bit of common sense and planning to prevent an accident. "Don't always rely on technology. Know what your awareness is, know what your level of experience is and kind of stay within that in the winter time."

May says simple things like extra water on hand, making sure you're on a full tank of gas and catching your local forecast will all help you get ready to weather the storm.

Since there's so much adventure to be found in the winter weather we went to the East Sac Hardware to pick up essentials in case there was ever an emergency.

That's where Rick Johnston comes in, "It's important to have the right tools for whatever situation. You need flashers and stuff to get people's attention to make sure that they don't hit you if they're driving."

A lot of situations are preventable, even the simple act of sweeping snow of the top of the vehicle before driving can stop an accident and maybe even save a life.

Being prepared means having something to eat and drink in your vehicle, such as non-perishable food like trail mix and bottled water. "That would be great because you might be waiting a few hours and a few hours could turn into days," said May.