While some prefer not to be the butt of the joke, Sally Dawley of Auburn feels differently.

"I am the proud 'Butt Lady' of Auburn!" said Dawley.

It's not just a nickname. Dawley has received several trophies and certificates from Auburn's city council with the official title 'Butt Lady.'

It started with a goal back in October 2014 to keep the streets of Auburn clean, one butt at a time.

"I got tired of going on walks and seeing butts everywhere," said Dawley. "It's poison."

Dawley has a clicker that she uses to keep track. She also has been recording how many butts she picks up a day.

"I've had over 3,000 in one day," said Dawley.

On Wednesday, Valentine's Day, Dawley would pick up her 1,000,000 butt.

Family, friends, strangers, and camera crews gathered at Mel's Diner in Auburn, a business that has long supported Dawley and her mission.

When asked what they thought, supporters said: crazy, quirky, an oddity.

But they all agreed that it's crazy, quirky, and odd in the best ways possible.

Dawley said she will only keep going, maybe until she gets to 2,000,000 or more.

"I hope it makes a difference. I hope I'm giving the hint to smokers to quit throwing their butts," said Dawley. "I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me in appreciation for what I'm doing."