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Auburn residents, fire department react to potential PG&E power shutoffs

While some residents said they are used to the potential for outages, other people who live in the county are trying to figure out how to prepare for it.

AUBURN, Calif — Robin Beer lives in Placer County and has experienced power outages by PG&E before.

"We're used to it by now because they keep doing it," Beer told ABC10.

While Beer and others said they are used to the outages, other people who live in the county are trying to figure out how to prepare for it.

"Recognize that without power, there's a lot of things that are impacted, whether it's your food, your water supply," said Auburn Fire Chief Dave Spencer. "You need to realize that you have to have sustainable food and water over the next two to three days."


PG&E is shutting off power as a precaution to prevent potential fires from starting, especially on red flags warning days like Monday. People in the area have already started planning accordingly. 

"We bought a generator last year because we were without power for three days. My husband just turns it on if need be," Beer said.

It's important to know that just because power shutoffs in some areas of the foothills have been lifted, that doesn't mean everyone is in the clear just yet.

"There is a second event that is occurring Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, and we're still on the list of probability for power safety shut down," said Spencer.

Spencer suggests residents who could be impacted by the shutoffs to keep checking PG&E's website to stay informed on possible outages.

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