After a series of reports of cars possibly being shot at in the Auburn area, police were called to the area near Nevada Street where they found what appeared to be BB gunshots or rock damage to several cars.

The calls started coming just after 11:30 p.m. Thursday, and police began searching the area.

An officer reported seeing someone wearing a mask while hiding in the shadows of a landscaped area near Nevada Street, police said. As the officer began to approach, the person turned and ran away on foot.

California Highway Patrol with help of an aircraft began searching for the suspect as well, and spotted a man at a home in the immediate area of the incident, police said.

The investigation led police to Clifford Eisley, who they believe was the same man who they saw run away, according to their report.

Eisley was found in possession of a wrist rocket slingshot in the area where the car had been damaged, police said.

Eisley was subsequently arrested at his home and charged with a number of felonies, including vandalism, resisting arrest and projecting an item capable of doing serious bodily harm at vehicles, according to police.