The digital billboard on I-80 near the Bay Bridge was created by the Courage Campaign. It reads "Patriotism" with a photo of Colin Kaepernick next to it.

The Courage Campaign is an online movement aimed at raising awareness of issues like economic justice, human rights and corporate and political accountability. Tim Molina, one of the campaign creators, said they back Kaepernick's message.

"Patriotism isn't rising for a national anthem or following a flag, it is fighting to make this country the best country it can be," Molina said, "Black lives matter and the protest Kaepernick is doing, is just supporting that".

Many users on Facebook have commented on the post calling the campaign words and phrases like "disrespectful" and "propagating hate."

At the South Sacramento Ducks Pop Warner practice, many agreed with the campaign and find Kap to be patriotic. Coach Tyron Moore said his players know all about the 49er's quarterback.

"Colin isn't just an athlete, he is an activist, he is a martyr, he is really touching us in the inner city," Moore said.

The group of 7 to 10 year olds were showing off how Kaepernick protests.

"He does this, this is how he takes a knee," shouted 8-year-old Uriah Reed.

Between practice plays, each kid wanted to express how they felt about the billboard.

"He stands up for our rights," number seven yelled, "He never gives up even when he's losing".

Despite Kaepernick sitting on the bench and fans turning their backs, the young players said they trust that Kap is doing the right thing.

"He will make it a better place, for all the people on this earth," Reed said.

Coach Moore said he does not want his players to hate the police, but wants them to know about why Kaepernick is protesting. Moore said his team will take a knee on Saturday at the game.