The California National Guard has deployed troops to support local authorities in fire devastated Northern California.

Entire neighborhoods were ravaged by fires earlier this week in Santa Rosa, a small city 55 miles North of San Francisco.

"You don't know how to feel until you actually see it first hand,” said Lieutenant James Gribben, with the 235 engineer company. “Especially being so close to home. It's unreal."

National Guard troops were activated this week to provide security and assistance as the recovery process begins.

On Sunday, dozens of soldiers scoured through rubble searching for any salvageable items that could be returned to folks living there.

Soldiers found jewelry, 150-year-old family heirlooms belonging to an elderly couple, that has since been returned, according to the Sonoma County Sherriff Department.

Firearms, documents, and photos are some of the types of items found by soldiers and then given to local authorities

“You just see some of the stuff that people left behind, some valuables, no time to collect them up before they had to be evacuated,” Gribben of Sacramento said.

Troops were aiding in the search for the nearly 200 still missing in Santa Rosa.