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3 new California driving laws

What you need to know before you hit the wheel in the new year:

Jan. 1 means a new set of driving laws in California. Here are three that you need to know before you hit the wheel:

1. New transportation improvement fee

As part of the new gas tax law, drivers will have to pay a transportation improvement fee along with their vehicle registration in 2018. Most drivers will pay $25 or $50 depending on the value of your vehicle.

2. No marijuana while driving

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal come Jan. 1. But, using marijuana while driving — and even while riding as a passenger — is banned.

3. Yes, you can park at a broken meter

This law prohibits local parking authorities from giving you a ticket if the parking meter — or the parking payment machine — is broken. Moreover, you can park at the broken meter with no time limit if there is no posted time limit.

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