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Burned bear cub found in tree in Lake Tahoe area

Tamarack the bear cub escaped the wildlife rescue where he was recovering two days ago.
Credit: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.
Bear cub recovering from burns found in a tree after escaping the care center where he was healing.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Tamarack, the burned bear cub who escaped the wildlife rescue in Lake Tahoe, has been found.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, the wildlife recovery center that was helping the bear cub heal, said on Facebook that he was spotted in a tree by some hikers in the Tamarack Fire area.

The recovery center said that is is good news due to the the fact that the bear cub was found in a tree. It means he is able to climb, "which is his natural safety mechanism, and he remains in the South Lake Tahoe area."

The bear cub had been recovering from burns to his paws sustained in the Tamarack Fire at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. He escaped his enclosure by tunneling under an electric fence.

The recovery center is not revealing the specific location where Tamarack was found so that human traffic doesn't scare him into hiding or leaving the area.

They are asking people who see him to stay in visual contact but to avoid approaching him. If people are able to keep that visual and not leave the area, that would be best for the care center so that they can respond and take the bear in.

"This sighting is very encouraging news but he is still too small to survive long term in the wild," Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care said in the Facebook post.

The wildlife center thanked everyone in the community who helped them find Tamarack so he can get back safely.

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