As part of California's ongoing efforts to prevent a catastrophic fire such as the Camp Fire, Cal Fire announced more than $43 million will be awarded to fund 66 local fire prevention projects across the state.

According to Cal Fire, the Fire Prevention Grants will enable local organizations, like fire safe councils, to implement activities that address the risk of wildfire and reduce wildfire potential to communities. Funded activities include fuel reduction, wildfire planning, and fire prevention education. 

"This is a huge investment in helping reduce our overall fire risk, but it's really important, especially as we move into the spring months that homeowners start doing their part,"  said Cal Fire Assistant Deputy Director, Daniel Berlant. "These projects are not going to stop every single fire."

Not all 58 counties in the state are receiving a grant, but there are several in Northern California that will. Those include Butte, Nevada, El Dorado and Placer Counties. Berlant explained that each county has up to three years to use the grant money.

$33 million of the funds will be provided by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for California Climate Investments, Berlant said. An additional $10 million was provided by Cal Fire's Community Wildfire Prevention Program. For a list of which counties are receiving funding, click here

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