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Egg thrown at Larry Elder during recall campaign event in Los Angeles

Gubernatorial hopeful Larry Elder had an egg thrown at him while he and his team were touring a homeless encampment in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES — Gubernatorial hopeful Larry Elder cut his campaign event short after having an egg thrown at him in Los Angeles, according to ABC7.

Elder, a conservative radio talk show host, is one of dozens of candidates running in California's recall election to replace Governor Gavin Newsom. He is considered to be the leader among the pro-recall candidates.

In a video from ABC7, Elder is seen walking through a homeless encampment in the Venice area of Los Angeles amid an angry crowd when an egg is thrown at him and his team. The egg goes by his head but doesn't appear to hit anyone.

Not long afterward, Elder is seen being taken away from the area. ABC7 reported that the tour was cut short, and Elder was taken away by security to another location in Venice. He later told the station that he was not concerned for his safety. 


Egg gets thrown at Larry Elder as he tours homeless encampment in Venice

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