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California ranks among the worst states for nursing home care

California was ranked fourth worst state with 136 nursing homes receiving a one-star rating. Three of those nursing homes are in Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California ranks as the fourth-worst state in the country for nursing homes with a one-star rating. 

Of the state's 1,183 nursing homes, 136 are rated as one star out of a possible five; approximately 11 percent of the total. Three of those 136 nursing homes are in Sacramento.

The Long Term Care Community Coalition  (LTCCC) collected the data with the goal of educating the public about reoccurring problems within the nursing home industry, such as inadequate staffing, substandard care, abuse, and neglect.

LTCCC said studies have shown that having a high rating does not necessarily mean that a nursing home is safe. However, they said substandard care in lower-rated facilities has become a matter of increasing public concern.

Texas has the most one-star rated nursing homes with a total of 392 out of 1,203, according to the Nursing Home Compare. Texas is ranked number one in the country, with roughly 33 percent of its nursing homes receiving a single star.

Ohio was second on the list with 196 one-star rated nursing homes; about 21 percent of the state's 949 nursing homes. 

Illinois ranked third with 155 one-star reviews out of 719 or approximately 22 percent of the total.

Missouri ranked fifth with 129 one-star rated nursing homes out of 512, or about 25 percent of the total.


Hawaii had the fewest one-star rated nursing homes with only one out of the state's 43 rated poorly.

Some other cities in Northern California with one-star rated nursing homes include Marysville, Sonora, Modesto, and Stockton. Each of these cities had one.

Los Angeles has the most one-star ratings in California with a total of 15. 

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