As many in Northern California know far too well, the stretch of highway on I-80 between Sacramento and Dixon can be notoriously slow. But Caltrans now has a plan they say could help fix it.

Caltrans is hoping to ease congestion on that part of I-80 by adding 21 miles of bus and carpool lanes on both the east and west bound sides of the freeway.

The proposal – which would expand a portion of I-80 from 3 to 4 lanes on both sides – would extend from Kidwell Road near Dixon all the way to the corridor where I-80 meets I-5 and highway 50. It would also expand the bike path through the Yolo Bypass.

“We hope that it improves mobility through the corridor not only for vehicular traffic but encourages bicycle and walking,” Marlon Flournoy, Caltrans’ District 3 Deputy Director, told ABC10.

Caltrans says their projections show the additional carpool lanes could decrease traffic delays by as much as 38% during the evening traffic rush and by 53% in the morning.

While many locals are excited about the prospect of this project, not everyone in Davis said they were sold.

“From my experience, and going to San Francisco frequently, is that hardly anybody uses the carpool lanes,” Susan Rainier, a Davis resident, told ABC10 at the Davis City Council meeting Tuesday night, “And so if that lane is there, and there's not people that are doubled up to be able to use it, it may actually clog up more.”

The proposal is estimated to cost between $500-$750 million, and Caltrans hopes more, if not all, of it would be covered by revenue from California’s new gas tax.

If it gets approved, construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2021.