DIXON, Calif. — A grandmother is speaking out after she lost her grandson in a tragic accident near Dixon on Monday.

The two boys, Jacob Hourmouzus,17, of Elk Grove and Jacob Schneider, 17, of Dixon, jumped into an irrigation canal in Solano County to try and rescue a dog.

Hourmouzus' grandmother, Joy Branco, drove up from Visalia after she heard what happened.

"My daughter-in-law called me and she said, 'Mom, Jake's been in an accident and I'm on my way to the hospital.' And [I said] I'll call you when I'm on my way," Branco said.

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A vigil was held Tuesday night at Hall Park in Dixon. Dozens of family and friends gathered to light candles and meet with one another.

"The kids put this together," Branco said. "The adults didn't. The kids in high school did and that means a lot. That means both of these boys, both Jacobs, meant a lot to people for whatever reason."

Branco said she had a strong bond with her grandson. 

"Jacob put a tattoo on his chest last month or the month before," Branco said. "He had put my name 'Joy' on his heart and I said, 'Jake, why did you do that?' [and he said] '[Be]cause I love you, grandma.'"

She said she has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but Jacob was always her baby.

"Jake," Branco said. "You'll always be in my heart. Always."

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