In a list of the 50 dangerous roads in the United States, a study finds that California's State Route 99 ranks at the top.

It wasn't surprising for many people who drive on it everyday.

"People are always doing other things," said Alexia Mendoza, driver.

"People drive too fast," said Mike Nelson, driver.

The report by ValuePenguin rated the highways in how often fatal accidents occur and what makes the roads dangerous.

Highway 99 had 62.3 fatal accidents per 100 miles, a noticeable difference from second on the list, Interstate 45 in Texas which had 56.5 fatalities.

Some drivers we talked to say the lanes are narrow and the on-ramps don't have much room.

Fresno is the deadliest city with a total of 34 fatal accidents.

Many say it's because of the fog.

"You don't know what to expect," said Ray Cervantes, truck driver. "You think in your mind oh my God something is gonna pop up."

"The state route which cuts up the center of California had a total of 264 fatal accidents between the years 2011 and 2015." according to the data compiled by ValuePenguin.

There are other statistical categories among the top 50 that California's 99 highway ranked high in.

It's the darkest highway, ranks second in highways with most drunk drivers and it's also the third shortest highway in distance at 424 miles.

Rounding out the top five was:

2. I-45 in Texas

3. I-95 Florida to Maine

4. I-10 California to Florida

5. I-75 Florida to Michigan.