Engineers and water quality experts are trying to figure out what to do next with a lakefront home at Lake Tulloch that threatens to plunge into the lake.

The steep hillside under the house on Bret Harte Drive began moving a couple of weeks ago and the 2,400 square-foot structure now sits at the edge of a small cliff.

A fissure opened up below the house and black plastic has been placed on the hillside to try to prevent further erosion.

Down below, the sliding earth has toppled a boat house and warning buoys have been put in the water nearby to keep curious boaters away.

Lake Tulloch is a source of irrigation and domestic water and there’s concern about contamination.

The three bedroom, three bath house is owned by a family in Fair Oaks. Despite reaching out, ABC10 was unable to speak with the family.

It’s unclear if this is a freak incident or if it could spell trouble for other Lake Tulloch houses built on the steep hillsides surrounding the lake.