A bill in the legislature would require that all gun sales in stores in California to be videotaped. The aim was to crack down on gun violence.

There was already a lot of rules and regulations to legally buy and own a gun in California, according to many gun owners.

"I do own a gun. My husband owns several. We consider ourselves to be safe gun owners," said Holly Hill, a gun owner.

Stuart Hill just bought a rifle Monday. He supported the current gun laws, but felt differently about a new bill that would require all gun sales to be videotaped in stores.

"I do understand gun laws. They are needed. But, I'm not sure about the videotaping of very single purchase," said Stuart Hill. "It makes me a little uneasy because I don't always want everyone to know my business."

"The reality is, too many people who go into shops to buy guns for people who shouldn't be able to buy guns," said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty.

McCarty said AB2459 would help keep firearms out of the wrong hands.

A spokesperson for the Brady Campaign said video recordings would deter people who buy guns for other people who can't pass background checks.

But some gun store owner said they already have lots of strict rules for gun buyers. And they said videotaping sales and customers goes too far.

"It's a privacy issue between the buyer. it's a constitution right. it would be violated," said the owner of M&J Gun Trade, Jessie Figueroa.

"Forcing a patrol to feel like they are being recorded or what they're doing is under a microscope, who's already a law-abiding citizen, I don't think it's the right way to go," said Chris Lapinski, the owner of Last Stand Readiness and Tactical.

Many owners said they already go through lots of steps and follow all rules to own a gun legally. As for video recording gun sales, "the camera is a little too much," said Holly Hill. "It wouldn't change anything, I don't think."

AB2459 would also ban sales by licensed dealers who sell guns out of their homes. Dealers would also have to carry liability insurance.