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Places to go camping in Northern California | You Tell Us

The great outdoors is a great way to social distance and disconnect from the world.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — There are a lot of great places in Northern California to check out the great outdoors. From its ocean views to misty forests, there is no shortage of places to visit.

ABC10 asked you, "Where is the best place to go camping?" and you delivered. Here are your favorite spots.

1. Bodega Bay

Located off the Sonoma coast, Bodega Bay is the perfect spot for a weekend camping trip or a day getaway. There are almost 100 campsites to choose from and endless activities in the area. The following is currently open at Bodega Bay

  • Parking lots, with limited capacity.
  • Trails.
  • Day-use areas.
  • Beaches.


2. Scott's Flat Lake

Great news! This popular vacation spot in Nevada City is reopening all its boat launches and campsites on July 1. A list of guidelines are available online that visitors are encouraged to read before visiting the lake. Once there, you can go on a hike, swim in the lake, or even learn to kayak or sail. This is a great find and a quick hour and a half ride up the freeway from Sacramento.

3. Patrick's Point

Patrick's Point made it on the list of parks with limited campgrounds open during COVID-19. This is a weekend getaway or even a week long adventure that will show you a new side of Northern California in Humboldt County. You can explore tidepools, watch seals, sea lions, and whales or visit the one-of-a-kind Yurok plank-house village, a village that features Yurok family houses, a sweathouse, a dance house and more.


4. Your own backyard!

A place that never closes is your own backyard! Pop open a tent, light up the BBQ and prepare for a fun adventure right at home. Click here to read tips from meteorologist and avid camper Rob Carlmark on how to transform your backyard into a fun camping ground for the whole family.

Credit: Rob Carlmark
Backyard camping can be fun for the whole family.

Where is your favorite place to go camping? Join the conversation on Facebook. 

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