SANTA ROSA, Calif. — February is a special time. Love is in the air. Winter feels like it’s almost over. And Russian River Brewing Company releases Pliny the Younger for devote beer drinkers.

Regularly ranked high on beer ranking websites Beer Advocate or Untappd, Pliny the Young celebrates its 15th annual release this month. And after 15 years, there’s still something new to go along with the release. For the first time ever, Pliny the Younger is available at Russian River Brewing Company’s new Windsor brewery, as well as their Santa Rosa brewery.

For those unfamiliar, the popular triple Indian Pale Ale is neither bottled nor canned, and only available via tap, either at the home breweries or at various restaurants and bars. The beer is available on tap at both breweries starting the first Friday in February for 14 days. 

So, if you want an authentic experience, Valentine’s Day will be the final day this year to taste Pliny in its home environment. Other than that, the beer is distributed on draft the week after it's released at their pubs.

In Northern California, beer fans can find Pliny at Pangaea, Final Gravity, Capitol Hop Shop, Samuel Horne’s in Folsom, Davis Beer Shoppe, and Nixtaco. However, Natalie Cilurzo, Co-owner and President of Russian River Brewing Company, said in an email, social media has become the best way to find which establishments have tapped Pliny.

“The best place to try Pliny the Younger is fresh from the source here in Windsor or Santa Rosa,” Cilurzo said, adding so far this year, people from Norway, Germany, England, Russia, India, South Korea, China, Argentina, and Ecuador have traveled to either Santa Rosa or Windsor to drink.

Russian River Brewing’s website has information for whether you’re flying in to taste the beer and need a hotel to stay or you’re driving down from Sacramento and need to know where to park.