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We're tracking progress on Sacramento's homeless plan | Updates

Some projects are coming online as part of the $100 million effort to move people off the streets.
Credit: ABC10

SACRAMENTO, Calif — The City of Sacramento put together a $100 million dollar master plan now known as the Comprehensive Siting Plan to respond to the homelessness crisis currently impacting an estimated 10,000 people in the area. 

Mayor Steinberg asked each council member to find sites to get those experiencing homelessness housed.

Mayor Steinberg told ABC10, "We are working aggressively to stand up our first sites. Winter is soon coming. We have the resources. We have already approved sites. Let’s get people indoors as quickly as possible."

What is each district doing to move the needle forward and open the sites in their respective districts? We asked them, most replied. For the ones that didn't, we'll be updating this page as projects are developed. 

Each district received the same questions: 

  • What stage is it in?
  • How soon can you expect people to move in?
  • Is the Councilmember facing challenges with getting it opened? If so, what are they?
  • Has anything changed from the original plans?

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District 1:  Mayor Pro Tempore Angelique Ashby:

Site: Staybridge Suites

  • Address: 140 Promenade Cir, Sacramento, CA 95834 
  • Estimated Capacity: 100
  • Potential Shelter Type: Shelter
  • Notes:  This site was not listed in the original master plan. Ashby's Chief of Staff Karina Talamantes told ABC10 that the project is challenging and is on course.
  • Notes: The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency is scheduled to transform the Staybridge Suites Hotel into 117 units of housing. 
  • Notes: In early October, Councilmember Ashby's Chief of Staff Karina Talamantes told ABC10 that the individuals housed at the site will become a part of the voucher program which will get them permanent housing. They will receive wraparound services. When the project is funded they will make minor renovations. It could be open as early as March 2022.

District 2: Councilmember Sean Loloee

Site: Roseville Road RT Parking Lot

  • Ownership: Sacramento Regional Transit District
  • Address: Roseville Road and Highway 80 
  • Size: 9.1 acres
  • Current Use:  Parking Lot for Regional Transit (1087 spaces) 
  • Estimated Capacity: 100-300 cars, 360 people (Annually: 720 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Parking
  • Notes: Councilmember Sean Loloee told ABC10 approval to build the project is expected to come down in late October and people could move in six to eight weeks after that.  "We're ready to have unsheltered people move in. So far we've set up job opportunities for 30-40 for that community and community wrap-around services," Loloee said.  "We're just waiting on three separate agencies to give approval."
  • Notes: In early October, Councilmember Loloee told ABC10 that things are moving along. He says they are still waiting on a Regional Transit, meeting that will greenlight the plans for this site. He's met with RT General Manager/CEO Henry Li a few times.  When asked if plans changed, he said he hoped the station would be open by now. 

Site: Colfax Yard

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento
  • Address: 2225 Colfax Street 
  • Size: 2.3 acres 
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 25 Tiny Homes, 75 people (Annually: 150 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Family – Emergency Shelter)
  • Notes: In September, Councilmember Loloee told ABC10 that the Colfax Yard site has environmental concerns and hopes to hear back on the next steps. He says they are bringing in new trailers and want to do away with "clunky highly dangerous" RVs and move the unhoused community into the new ones. The move-in date should be 3-4 weeks after he gets greenlight mid-end of October.
  • Update: In early October, Loloee said the Colfax site is moving forward. On Oct 14, he will meet with city staff over at public works to ensure things are properly strategically planned. He wants the site to be open hopefully by the end of the year or sooner. 

Site: Eleanor Yard

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento
  • Address: Eleanor Avenue 
  • Size: 0.7 acre 
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 10 Tiny Homes; 15 people (Veterans – Permanent Supportive) (Annually: 15 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes
  • Notes: In early October, Eleanor Yard's site should be a sub-community. The Councilmember said he wants to do it tastefully so neighbors will accept it. 
  • In early October, Loloee told ABC10 the site open might get pushed back to 2022 because he has to bring electricity to the facilities. The plans have not changed. 

Site: Lexington/Dixieanne 

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento
  • Address: Lexington Street & Dixieanne Avenu 
  • Size: 1.4 acres 
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 50 Tiny Homes, 100 people (Annually: 100 people) 
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Individuals – Permanent Supportive) 
  • Notes: Loloee said his focus is Roseville Road RT Parking Lot which he says is the largest site and could open in early 2022. 
  • Update: In early October, Loloee said he has to bring power to these facilities. This site should have tiny homes. The plans are still on course.  "We have to step up and really make these decisions because businesses are complaining because of the lack of revenue," Loloee said. "People aren't safe on the streets and no kids should sleep in a car."

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District 3: Councilmember Jeff Harris

Site: Public Agency Owned Lot at Rosin Court

  • Ownership: Reclamation District 1000 
  • Address: Rosin Court 
  • Size: 1.7 acres 
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 100 cars, 120 people (Annually: 240 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Ground and Safe Parking
  • Notes: Gregg Fishman, spokesman for Sacramento's Department of Community Response, said in September that the city is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies to lease the site. It is currently being used as a staging area for levee construction. 

Site: Larchwood (north) 

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento 
  • Address: 3630 Larchwood Drive 
  • Size: 1.1 acres
  • Current Use: Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 15 beds, 15 people (Annually: 30 people) 
  • Potential Shelter Type: Hospice (Joshua’s House) 

Site: North 5th Street Shelter Expansion 

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento 
  • Address: 700 North 5th Street  
  • Size: 4.9 acres
  • Current Use: Emergency Shelter 
  • Estimated Capacity: 100 beds (Annually: 200 persons) (see note below) 
  • Potential Shelter Type: Emergency Shelter 
  • In early October: The city looks to add 60 beds to this shelter, according to the city's Office of Civic Engagement.

District 4: Councilmember Katie Valenzuela  

Sites: W/X Streets Corridor (Sites no longer opening). 

  • Location: Under Highway 50, W/X Streets between 18th and 24th 
  • Ownership: Caltrans 
  • Size: 12.5 acres 
  • Current Use: Parking
  • Estimated Capacity: 200 Tiny Homes, 400 people (Annually: 800 people) 
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Individuals – Emergency Shelter)
  • Update:  In December, Councilmember Katie Valenzuela says she is no longer moving forward with the tiny home sites. "We have identified a new safe camping site that can accommodate 60 people experiencing homelessness," said Skyler Henry, a staff member for Valenzuela. "The current site at WX is being phased out, and the guests there are all moving on to permanent and semi-permanent housing.  Henry also said both sites will phase out and a new site will open in January 2022."  
  • Other sites:  Henry said a short-term site is being created off of Garden Highway in partnership with Sierra Health Foundation and Sacramento County. People living near Bannon Island, mostly seniors, can access the bathrooms, food, medical assistance. Wraparound services are provided as well.

District 5: Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer

Site: Florin Road Station RT Parking Lot 

  • Ownership: Sacramento Regional Transit District 
  • Address: Florin Road & Indian Lane 
  • Size: 10.4 acres 
  • Current Use:  Parking 
  • Estimated Capacity: 125 cars, 150 people (Annually: 300 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Parking
  • Notes: In early October, Schenirer told ABC10 they are in a preliminary discussion stage with Regional Transit. "The board of RT has opted to do its three locations sequentially and in the following order: Roseville, Franklin, and then Florin," Schenirer said. The site is on hold as they learn from the first two locations, he said.

Site: 24th St/48th Ave

  • Ownership: City of Sacramento
  • Address: 24th St/48th Ave 
  • Size: 2.9 acres 
  • Current Use: Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 25-50 people (Annually: 100 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Ground and Safe Parking

Site: 29th Avenue Site

  • Ownership: Morse Spurlock Real Estate Trust 
  • Address: 29th Avenue Site 
  • Size: 0.9 acres 
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 10-12 Tiny Homes, 30-36 people (Annually: 36 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Family – Shelter or Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Notes: In early October, Schenirer said most of his focus has been on supporting the opening of the 2970 X Street site. He said he wants to ensure that shelter is running effectively. 

District 6: Councilmember Eric Guerra

Site name: Riza Ave / Jimolene Dr

  • Ownership: Thanh Cong Investment LLC 
  • Address: No Address (Vacant), 5905, 5913, 5921, 5927 Jimolene Dr 
  • Size: 7.9 acres
  • Current Use:  Vacant 
  • Estimated Capacity: 110 Manufactured Homes, 330 people (Annually: 330 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Manufactured Homes (Family or Permanent Housing) 
  • Notes: In early October, Councilmember Guerra's spokesperson, Alejandro Cabrera, said that not much has changed from the original plans. He says they are still in conversation with Thanh Cong Investment, LLC.
  • Update: In late November, Alejandro Cabrera told ABC10 they are facing "major challenges" in opening up sites in District 6. Cabrera said private property owners are not interested in working with the city in the district. Cabrera also said that they are exploring potential RV options in District 6. "A motel with 33 units had been made available and vouchers are being offered," Cabrera said. 

 Site name: 63rd St / 21st Ave 

  • Ownership: Arena Fijian Assembly of Assemblies of God
  • Address: 4831 63rd S 
  • Size: 2.4 acres
  • Current Use:  Assembly – cultural, religious, social 
  • Estimated Capacity: 30 Tiny Homes, 90 people (Annually: 90 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Family or Permanent Housing)

Site name: Seventh-Day Adventist Church

  • Ownership: Northern California Conference Association of Seventh-day Adventists
  • Address: 6701 Lemon Hill Ave 
  • Size: 2.8 acres 
  • Current Use:  Assembly – cultural, religious, social 
  • Estimated Capacity: 23 cars, 27 people (Annually: 54 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Parking
  • Notes: In September, Councilmember Eric Guerra touted the St. John's shelters in his district. Read more about it here. Guerra told us that he's still looking for property and spaces for shelter projects. "We're exploring every opportunity to get people indoors before winter," Guerra said. "Ideally, if we can get a motel that's already built out, or we can put services in there and have it ready for winter."    In early October,  Councilmember Eric Guerra's spokesperson Alejandro Cabrera told ABC10 that the Seven Day Adventist Church plans to lend up to 75 spaces for RVs and vehicles. Cabrera also said the church made their facilities available for unhoused people to have access to the indoors for shelter. "Currently waiting on the city managers to identify services for this site and notify of next steps," Cabrera said. 
  • Update:  Cabrera shared with ABC10 that the Rodeway Inn, a site listed as Tier II in the Comprehensive Siting Plan could provide help about 30 people experiencing homelessness. Cabrera added that the hotel is under contract with the city. 

District 7: Councilmember Rick Jennings

  • Ownership: Sacramento Regional Transit District
  • Address: Franklin Blvd & Cosumnes River Blvd 
  • Size: 3.6 acres 
  • Current Use: Parking 
  • Estimated Capacity: 40-100+ cars, 120 people (Annually: 240 people) 
  • Potential Shelter Type: Safe Parking
  • Notes: Sacramento's Department of Community Response Spokesman Greg Fishman told ABC10 in September, that the location still needs to be approved by the Sacramento RT Board of Directors and then the Federal Transit Administration.

District 8: Councilmember Mai Vang

Site name: Meadowview Village

  • Ownership: Cathedral of Praise Worship Center
  • Address: 2875 Meadowview Road 
  • Area (acres): 3.3 
  • Current Use:  Church 
  • Estimated Capacity: 125 Tiny Homes, 200 people (Annually: 200 people)
  • Potential Shelter Type: Tiny Homes (Permanent Supportive Housing) 
  • Notes: In September, Vang spokesperson Ryan Brown told us they are meeting with homeless activists and neighbors to plan the project.   "We are still in the acquisition and planning stage for Meadowview Village, focusing on ensuring that community needs are met and that we have buy-in from the surrounding neighborhoods," Brown said.  "We are also focusing on supporting the other shelter facilities in District 8, including our Woodsprings Suites supportive housing complex and the existing Meadowview Navigation Center, to allow them to build capacity and serve the community appropriately."


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