Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko held a press conference Wednesday to provide new details on the investigation into Redding mother Sherri Papini’s Nov. 2 abduction.

While Bosenko’s announcement provided few new details about the investigation, the sheriff was able to confirm Papini had been branded. Where she was branded and what that brand was, Bosenko would not say.

Bosenko also offered a more detailed description of the suspects, though he had noted the suspects concealed their identities using masks, according to Papini’s statements.

The sheriff described both female suspects are of Hispanic heritage, both speaking Spanish the majority of the time.

The younger of the two suspects is described as having long curly hair, a thick accent, thin eyebrows and pierced ears.

The older of the two suspects is described as having straight black hair that is graying. She also is described having thick eyebrows, Bosenko said.

Papini also told investigators that her head was covered most of the time, Bosenko said.

At this point in the investigation, Bosenko was unable to determine whether Papini was targeted for abduction or if it was simply a random act.

Before concluding his update, Bosenko urged those who may have more information on the abduction to call 530-245-6135.