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Stockton man gets a surprise visit from Newsom after purchasing the states millionth electric vehicle

Michael Macias, a Central Valley native, received several rebates and tax credits on his purchase of a new Volkswagen ID.4.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Stockton man got quite the surprise when Gov. Gavin Newsom showed up at his home and asked to take his new electric vehicle for a ride. It turns out he just helped the state reach a major milestone.

"This is it," Newsom said.

Newsom went to Stockton to check out Michael Macias' new electric vehicle.

"Yes my purchase was the one-millionth electric vehicle purchase in the state of California," Macias said.

The governor's office says with Macias' purchase, the state of California now surpasses the total sales in the next ten states combined.

"And what a surprise it was to have Governor Gavin Newsom show up in my front yard and drive my vehicle around the neighborhood," Macias said. "Not something you could ever imagine or dream of happening but it did."

With the governor planning to phase out gas-powered cars starting in 2035, Michael admits, as a part-time intern minister, he also never dreamed he could afford an electric vehicle.

"And I wanted to make the switch to an electric vehicle, but when I looked at the prices they were the for me to even consider because I have never purchased anything at that amount in my lifetime," he said.

But this unexpected ride with the governor came after he took advantage of an electric vehicle equity program that allowed him to secure more than $21,000 in rebates and tax credits.

"And I talked to them as a partner and they said if you come to our workshops and work with us we'll help you navigate the application process and once you get approved you can then take those letters to the dealer and use them like a down payment," he said. "Basically as good as cash."

A proud moment for him and for Stockton, a community he says is too often in the headlines for less than positive reasons.

"I mean I am just the purchaser of a vehicle, but it's a wonderful story because of what it means to our environment and our community. There are so many other folks who are doing such great work in this community to really address the inequities we are experiencing whether they are environmental… economical…or racial and it's an amazing community," Macias said.

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