You may want to start setting up your GPS before you start your car. New cell phone laws are coming to California.

Governor Brown just signed an extension to the current cell phone driving bill this week. The new rules will impact where you can put your phone and how you can use it when driving.

Assembly Bill 1785 was signed Monday. The law no longer allows Californians to hold their phone while operating a vehicle. If you are caught you could be fined $20 then $50 for each following offense.

There is an exception to the law. You will be allowed to make a single tap or swipe on your phone as long as the phone is mounted or fixed to the vehicle.

For many Californians, a cell phone car mount will be required if they want to use their phones navigation or music features.

"People have lost their car over not holding their cell phone," said Johnny at the Pink Spot mobile accessory store. He says much of his business comes from people who were caught holding their phone and driving.

His Sacramento store carries a variety of cell phone mounts, but Johnny says getting the right mount for your car is important.

"Probably the best spot to put it is on the left side of the windshield," Johnny said. "If it's under the mirror it will block a portion of the drivers view."

The new cell phone laws take effect January 1, 2017.