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You can walk through a cold case crime scene virtually by using an app on your phone | Unsolved California

CrimeDoor is a virtual reality app that allows you to walk through a cold-case crime scene to help detectives solve crimes.

SACRAMENTO, California — In Friday's Unsolved California, new technology is allowing people to experience a crime scene. It's not a game, it's a virtual and augmented reality experience meant to have true crime followers help solve cold cases. 

Through this app called CrimeDoor, you are about to walk through the Keddie Murder case crime scene. 

This happened 41 years ago in Keddie, California. 

A mom, son, and son's best friend were found murdered. A daughter was kidnapped and her remains were later found. 

ABC10's Madison Wade spoke with the former Plumas County Sheriff about this technology and he said it's important to keep this case top of mind. 

CrimeDoor also worked with Retired Detective Paul Holes who was instrumental in the Golden State Killer case to help them develop the content inside this app.

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