MODESTO, Calif. — Two people are lucky to be alive after their car "limboed" between two overturned trailers on Highway 132 in Modesto, according to CHP. 

The trailers overturned around 6:30 a.m. when the driver hit a patch of gravel on the shoulder of the road. 

It was dark when the Honda approached the trailers. CHP described the big rig as a "blacked out vehicle" meaning there was no way for the driver of the Honda to see that part of the big rig stretched across the street. 

The car drove towards the big rig at 55 mph, not seeing the part that connected the two trailers and drove under the connector. A photo shows the roof of the Honda practically ripped off. 

The passenger was reportedly leaned back in their seat, either sleeping or just resting.

Car limbos under overturned trailer
CHP - Modesto

Neither the driver or the passenger were seriously injured.

"The driver and passenger are so fortunate to be alive," said a Modesto CHP spokesperson. "If that person was upright, we would be dealing with a fatality. If someone were to tell me this vehicle collision occurred and that no one was injured, I would have told them no way." 

While the passenger may have been saved by having their seat leaned back, CHP typically encourages people to sleep sitting up as it is the safest way to wear a seatbelt. 

Sometime after the Honda collided with the connector, a Cadillac drove up to the scene and attempted to avoid the collision. The driver swerved and hit the side of the big rig. No one was injured. 

The roadway was quickly cleaned up in order to avoid any more collisions or potential injuries. 


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