UPDATED at 7:00 p.m. Monday:

A car used to break into a Rocklin gun store early Sunday morning has since been recovered, Rocklin Police said.

According to Rocklin Police Sgt. Gil Farrulla, the car was found around 1 a.m. Monday in Emeryville.

An Emeryville officer ran the plate, and found out it was reported stolen.

They have taken the car back to Rocklin to look for any evidence, he said.

Early Sunday morning, people broke into the Nor Cal Gun Vault on Stanford Ranch Road. The thieves crashed the car into the front door, taking a large stash of guns and ammo, Rocklin Police said.

Jake Brown arrived for work at the gun store's neighboring smoke shop to find a chaotic scene. The gun business' doors had been busted down, the remains of the car crash left behind and all the weapons that could be stolen appeared gone.

"It appears that some firearms were stolen but we're not sure the number or the make of the them," Sgt. Farulla said.

Police are looking into reports there might have been a similar gun store break-in in Ceres, but would not say whether it's the same suspects.