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2 homes awarded 'Best Lights in Citrus Heights' in 3rd annual competition

After moving to Citrus Heights from the Bay Area, Jason Pulido and his partner wanted to make full use of their front yard for their Christmas decorations.

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Two homes received the recognition of having the 'Best Lights in Citrus Heights' in 2021. 

Winners from the 2019 and 2020 competitions made up this year's judges panel. Each winner received a trophy and all the bragging rights that come with it.

Jason Pulido, who moved to Citrus Heights from the Bay Area with his partner in 2020, wanted to make use of their new front yard by filling it with Christmas lights and decorations, something that they couldn't do at the last place they lived at.

"We kind of went all out (in 2020) and then we decided to take it up a notch," Pulido said. "We found out from our neighbors about the contest, and so we entered it in hopes that people would drive by, take a look, enjoy what we created."

“The competition was created to celebrate our community’s renowned residential holiday light displays,” said Nichole Baxter, Citrus Heights spokesperson, in a statement. “The 'Best Lights in Citrus Heights' competition has brought together residents, City staff, elected officials, and surrounding light-enthusiasts in a very festive and fun way. It’s something we look forward to continuing year after year!” 

Christmas is not the only holiday that Pulido and his partner celebrate. They're laying out plans for how they will decorate their home for Halloween this summer.

"One is bright and cheery and you can get away with so much more colors at the holidays, and you can do so much more," Pulido said. "Nothing seems to be over the top. Halloween needs to be kind of dark, and you don't want to scare too many people."  

Here are the two homes that won in this year's contest:  

  • 465 Wildwood Way
  • 8331 Allene Creek Court

To learn more about past winners or how to nominate a home for "Best Lights in Citrus Heights," click HERE.    

The city of Citrus Heights is asking residents to not throw away their Christmas lights this year but to instead recycle them at City Hall through Jan. 14.

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