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'Be the city’s eyes and ears': Citrus Heights relies on residents to report potholes. Here's how

City officials say they are working on repairs after the storms and are encouraging residents to help catch all the potholes in Citrus Heights.

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Potholes seem to have popped up more around Citrus Heights after the nearly month long onslaught of rain. City officials are encouraging residents to call in these new potholes so they can be filled and roads can be maintained.

Residents continue to voice their concerns and frustrations with the health of their main streets, namely Madison Avenue, San Juan Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard.

“It’s as if no one wants to be responsible to take care of [the road!] It’s so bumpy I feel like I’m in a covered wagon,” said resident Kate Wedge.

City officials say they are working on repairs after the storms, but need residents' help to catch all the potholes in Citrus Heights. 

“We encourage residents to be the city’s eyes and ears and report issues they experience out in the community, including potholes on commercial or residential streets and other public works concerns,” said Meghan Huber, Citrus Heights’ economic development and community engagement director.

Citrus Heights is responsible for maintaining all publicly owned streets within the city’s boundaries, but some streets share a border with Sacramento County where a shared maintenance agreement designates responsibilities, according to Huber.

Street crews are working to temporarily fill potholes based on when they were notified about it and the priority it has over other fixes. City officials say more permanent repairs will be made when the weather warms up and will stay better. 

Posted by City of Citrus Heights Government on Friday, February 3, 2023

So what happens if a driver hits a pothole and sustains damages? You can file a claim for compensation HERE. While it’s not guaranteed, the city may be able to pay for repairs caused by potholes within the city.

Potholes can be reported by residents by:

Potholes are caused by moisture seeping into the roadways and causing cracks, chips and crumbling, according to State Farm. When cars drive on these unsteady surfaces, it can kick up asphalt and create what we know as potholes. 

There are a few ways drivers can reduce damages to their vehicles when driving and coming across a pothole. 

Keeping your tires properly inflated, hitting a pothole at a slower speed and avoiding swerving to avoid damages roadways can protect you and your vehicle from additional damage, according to State Farm safety tips.

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