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Citrus Heights restaurant struck by vandals a third time

The most recent vandalism left windows shattered and the owner of Fukumi Ramen feeling unsafe. The Citrus Heights Police Department is investigating.

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Fukumi Ramen has been in business for a year on Sunrise Boulevard in Citrus Heights but has been vandalized three times since January.

In all three instances the restaurant has had its windows shattered and demolished the sense of security owner Sylbi Song and her employees had.

The most recent destruction happened in the early morning hours Sept. 18, according to Song. She says surveillance cameras captured a man dressed in all black with a ski mask on, carrying what appeared to be a hammer which he proceeded to strike every window at the restaurant with. 

"It was a little hectic. There was glass all over the ground," said Jenna Morrissey, a waitress who came to the restaurant for her shift hours later. 

The restaurant is now dealing with another major financial strain after having to close their dining area for safety reasons. They have resorted to take-out orders only until replacement glass arrives which could take weeks and is costing them several thousand dollars once again.

"Of course there's gonna be a lot less business since people want to come in to eat ramen inside," said Morrissey. "Since we can't have the dining room open, people aren't wanting to do takeout because unfortunately it's just not the same experience."

Citrus Heights police told ABC10 the most recent act of vandalism is under investigation, but did not say whether the three incidents are related.

"It's really unfortunate that some people don't really care or understand that yes, they might have broken a few glass windows but it affects a lot of people," said Morrissey.  

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