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Coyotes are likely killing animals in Citrus Heights, police say

Citrus Heights police said they are aware of social media posts in some groups about dead animals being found in the community.
Credit: karlumbriaco - stock.adobe.com

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — Coyotes are probably killing animals in Citrus Heights, according to the Citrus Heights Police Department's Facebook post

Police said they are aware of social media posts in some groups that dead animals are being found.  

Chad Morris, a spokesman for the Citrus Heights Police Department said they did not receive any official reports of someone seeing a coyote.

It's not clear if the animals that were killed were pets.

The Citrus Heights Police Department provided tips on what people could do to live with wildlife: 

  • Bring pets in at night
  • Do not leave pet food outside
  • Secure trash cans
  • Never feed wildlife
  • Install motion lighting 
  • Avoid using bird feeders
  • Trim shrubbery, clean up green waste to reduce hiding places
  • Report dead or injured animals/pets to animal services

For more information on wildlife, click here.  

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