CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. — The Glass Slipper is a non-profit based in Citrus Heights with a mission "to empower and equip at-risk girls for life." It does this by providing a safe environment and mentors who care about the girls it serves. 

The non-profit works to provide life-skills and training to girls through different programs and training courses. 

One of those programs is the culinary program, and, currently, the girls are taught in a small 50's-style home kitchen. However, work is underway to build a brand new commercial kitchen to meet the organization's expanding needs.

"The idea is that we'd be able to do that on a larger scale," said Jennifer Kidwell, Co-director of the Glass Slipper. "The community can come in and our girls would not only learn culinary training...but also learn nutrition, and we have all other kinds of fun ideas."

As Kidwell also explained, everything happens at the Glass Slipper through the generosity of volunteers. 

On Monday, a group of retired contractors were volunteering their time and services pouring concrete and prepping the foundation of the future kitchen. 

"I mean it's a win win for us," laughed Thor Grendahl, one of the contractors. "We get to build, and we have a lot of fun doing it."

He says contractors often refer to concrete as "mud," and explained how their work helps inspire the girls the non-profit serves.

"They can get their hands in the mud," said Grendahl. "They can build something too, and, if they're building a life for themselves - when they see pretty much a destiny that's different from that right now -, it could be a game changer for them. So, anything we can do, we're all for it. It's all good."


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