Sacramento City Council members have unanimously approved a plan to build a temporary winter homeless shelter in North Sacramento.

The shelter has faced opposition from many in the community and Tuesday night, Mayor Darrell Steinberg suggested that this is just the start.

In the past, Mayor Steinberg has vowed to get 2,000 homeless off the street over the next three years. As part of that mission, last month, the city announced a plan to open a temporary homeless shelter this winter, as well as a permanent homeless shelter and affordable housing complex, with all of them in North Sacramento.

That news was not well received by many in North Sacramento.

Earlier Tuesday, Mayor Steinberg held a press conference with councilmembers Allen Warren and Jeff Harris who represent the areas where these shelters are planned. They pledged to come up with measures to mitigate the concerns of the community, like security and clean-up, for instance.

On Tuesday night, Mayor Steinberg announced an additional $375,000 for the winter shelter.

Some people are in favor of this plan while others, still very much opposed.

The city is also planning to open other shelters in other neighborhoods. They already have their sites on a location in South Sacramento. As far as the permanent shelter in North Sacramento, that will be voted on around the end of winter or beginning of spring.