Sacramento City leaders have shared a new idea to build two shelters in North Sacramento to address the city’s homeless issue.

Mayor Darrel Steinberg announced the idea to launch 150 bed temporary Winter shelter along Railroad Drive and another less than a mile down the road, a 200 bed permanent shelter and triage center at Arden Way and Evergreen.

A San Diego based developer also has plans to build a 150 unite affordable housing complex near the Arden location.

“We want to focus our outreach on the community of North Sacramento and the homeless population there,” said Steinberg. “To make it better there.”

Since taking office, the mayor has taken an aggressive approach toward tackling the city’s homeless issue. He hopes to get at least 2,000 people off the streets over the next three years.

Sherri Kirk-Quinn, a long-time resident of the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, is applauding the mayors efforts. She said the homeless have set up camps behind her home and realizes the need is great.

"They need a place to stay just like we do. Unfortunately, like for some, like I said with mental illness, they can’t help their situation,” said Kirk-Quinn.

She is especially attached to the issue because her brother is homeless and suffers from a mental health disorder.

“They need to have them everywhere because homeless is everywhere,” said Kirk-Quinn.

However, some business owners aren’t too happy about the idea. Shane Curry is the owner of Casa Bella Galleria, a furniture store along Del Paso Boulevard. He also heads the North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce and Del Paso Road Partnership.

“You have people that are just so mental ill, that you know short of having professional mental health and a facility to put them in, we are spinning our wheels and wasting our time and money and energy,” Curry said.

He explained that the homeless are in the area are already driving away business by harassing customers and defecating in front of his store. He also suggested the city opening a large homeless tent camp in the railyard.

Still, the idea remains just an idea and further discussion in the public is to come.