The city of Sacramento is expected to vote on the proposed, temporary homeless shelter in north Sacramento next month. They will vote on the permanent shelter in the next few months.

Dozens of people came out to the city council-meeting Tuesday night to express their support or opposition to the two shelters.

The meeting came after a heated community meeting Monday night in north Sacramento where neighbors laid out their concerns.

“We are not without compassion. We feel the need for this. But it has to be a shared burden,” Deneb Williams, the chef at Woodlake Tavern, told city council, including Mayor Steinberg, Tuesday night. “And in our neighborhood there is already so much pressure economically. We need help. This will crush our neighborhood.”

Mayor Darrell Steinberg addressed those at the meeting and said the city is “aggressively” looking for other areas in Sacramento for additional shelters. He specifically mentioned that they are looking at the Florin Adult Education Center on Florin Road in South Sacramento as a possibility.

Steinberg also added that any community with a shelter will get additional funding for security and clean-up.

Prior to the meeting, Steinberg told reporters that while he is open to discussion with community members, there are some concerns he doesn’t understand.

“I think they have an absolute right to say if you’re going to do this, don’t just do it here, and if we’re going to do it, provide the right support and mitigation and security,” Steinberg said. “But I don’t believe that any neighborhood, in the end they can say what they want, but it’s not going to be persuasive to me to say, ‘no not here, not ever.’ That doesn’t fly.”