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Dallas woman reflects on life while celebrating major milestone

Sunny Ng was born in Hong Kong in 1922. She moved to Dallas in 1962 and never learned English.

DALLAS — Sunny Ng can't walk anymore and she's hard of hearing. She doesn't know any English except for a few words she's picked up over the years. But she's celebrating a big milestone. 

She was born in Hong Kong in 1922 and moved to Dallas with her late husband, Tong, in 1962. 

"They don't know how to drive a car, can't communicate with people, being an immigrant was pretty tough," her daughter Sim Jung told WFAA, as she translated for her mother.

Sunny and Tong didn't have much money either. When they moved to Dallas, they opened up The Hong Kong Restaurant on Garland Road, which still exists under the same name, but is owned and operated by a different family.

That opportunity eventually paved a path for Sunny's five kids, 11 grandkids, and five great grandchildren, most of whom speak little to no Cantonese.

Sometimes, Sunny's able to speak to her grandkids with the help of a translator.

"Sometimes, my kids look at her face, her motions, guess what she says," Sim Jung said.

Credit: WFAA

Her great-grandson, Zachary Chamberlin, said he's inspired by his grandmother's attitude despite the hardships she faced.

"It's hard to imagine living like that. but still being happy? It gives me hope." 

Sunny's family has given her hope and has fueled her to work hard and be happy for the last 100 years, despite any adversity.

She said her birthday wish is simple.

"World peace, that United States is good, America is good," Sunny said in Cantonese. 

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