How far would you go to make sure you have great skin? How about freezing your face? Cryogenic facials are the latest skincare trend and I braved sub-zero conditions to show you what they're like. I'm calling it the new age form of Botox - no needles – just good old fashion cold air to get tight, smooth skin! So I drove over to US Cryotherapy in Roseville to try out their new cryo-facials that claim to make your skin healthier by freezing your face one section at a time.

Cryogenics is the study of the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures. How does that relate to skincare? “It depends on that skin temperature drop. So I would take your skin temperature, you'll probably be in the 90s and we want you to come out in the 50s or so. That's a 30-45 degree skin temperature drop,” says Kimberly Rubey – General Manager of US Cryotherapy in Davis.

What are the health benefits of the process? Kimberly says, “a lot of the health benefits come from the primary function of being circulatory system activation. When you go into the walk-in chamber or if you're getting a localized treatment on the face. We are recirculating blood and we're de-inflamating, detoxifying, getting rid of extra-cellular waste. We're protecting the skin against environmental pollutants and things like that.”

Kimberly walked me through the process step-by-step:

“First thing we do is make sure that the face is nice and clean before we do the cryo-facial rejuvenation treatment. [It's a] 6 minute treatment doing localized negative 30 degree air along the face," said Kimberly. "Then we're constantly taking the skin temperature to make sure that we're getting a nice even cooling on the face.”

Just in case you forgot, 32 degrees is FREEZING, so -30 degrees is basically insane, but beauty is pain, right? Well after you freeze, it's time to warm you back up.

“Then we put the light stem over your face. The two panel anti-aging amber light and then you're on there for 10-15 minutes while you're doing a warm water hydro massage.”

So does this mean we never have to get Botox again?? “With Botox it is an instantaneous effect, right? You're getting instant smoothing, but with this it's gradual. But at the same time, we're actually helping the health of your skin. So while Botox is the coverup, it's a wonderful coverup, it's not actually doing anything clinically to the health of your skin and recirculate blood and preserve the natural health of your skin."

If you guys end up trying this out, make sure to tag me in your after pictures (@arianedatil)!