A student group supporting the black community at the University of California, Davis, came out with a list of demands on Monday for the university’s chancellor.

The group, known as Black Under Attack, also led a march on campus, with approximately 200 students participating. The group’s demands comes one week after a black female student was the victim of an alleged hate crime on campus.

“Our safety as black students needs to be a priority. It has not been a priority. We should not need to resort to the buddy system, as we've been doing this entire week, to try to make each other feel safe on the campus that we belong to,” student Kelechi Ohiri said at the student group’s press conference.

Black Under Attack outlined a list of demands to be met by a deadline of Feb. 29.

They include more emergency call boxes across campus, improved campus lighting after dark, and more nighttime transportation options for students.

Students also called for UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to write a letter of support to the UC Regents for a policy targeting anti-blackness on UC campuses, and asked campus management to release more details about last week’s hate crime.

Chancellor Katehi stood off to the side of the podium during the press conference, and addressed the crowd after the demands were listed.

“It is unacceptable that we as a university have failed you, and I cannot stand here and promise you that tomorrow we can undo all these things. But I can promise you that I will work as hard as I can to change these things,” Chancellor Katehi said.

Black Under Attack organizers have not said what actions might be taken if the group’s demands are not met by Feb. 29. However, Chancellor Katehi told ABC10 News that the group’s demands were reasonable, and that she saw no reason why the requests could not be granted within a week’s time.