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Davis Food Co-Op donates $60,000 worth of food saved from power outage

Facing the potential of rotting food because their refrigerators got knocked out in the recent storms, the Davis Food Co-Op reached out for local help.

DAVIS, Calif. — The Davis Co-Op grocery store lost power like many other residents in the area during the recent storms—but they also had thousands of pounds of food to worry about.

A lot of produce was on the verge of spoiling, said marketing manager Vince Marchese, and they were out of power for a total of almost five days.

Back-up refrigerators used by the grocery store bought them some time. Leafy greens like spinach and kale were moved first, then the eggs, dairy and bread

Instead of panic, they immediately put a plan into action.

"We have a really good relationship with the YOLO Food Bank, and the UC Davis Pantry on campus," Marchese told ABC10. "We're able to call both of them and explain the situation and say, 'We have a lot of freezer items that we know are still good, but we don't know when we're going to get power back'."

Potential tragedy turned into opportunity for the people involved.

"They were both able to take as much as they possibly could," Marchese said. "I think they both filled their freezers to the brim."

According to Marchese, the Davis Food Co-Op was able to donate more than $60,000 worth of food that otherwise may have been wasted. Now the food is in the hands of local organizations helping residents in need.

The grocery store's power first went out Jan. 7, but came back Jan. 12.

Links for community fridges and food banks:

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