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Davis now asking residents to voluntarily conserve water amid drought

The City of Davis wants residents to water late at night or early in the morning. Mandatory restrictions aren't being implemented yet.

DAVIS, Calif. — The City of Davis asked residents Thursday to voluntarily reduce water usage into the fall because of the ongoing drought. 

The city said in a news release, that if voluntary cutbacks don't save enough water then the city might have to make cutbacks mandatory.   

“We are committed to ongoing conservation, and I’m confident our community will step up to continue these efforts and make additional cut-backs in outdoor water use where possible,” Councilmember Will Arnold said in the news release.

The city of Davis says its residents can do the following to help preserve water: 

  • By not washing down paved surfaces unless it's for safety or sanitation
  • Prevent extra water from going into pavement, gutters or ditches
  • Prioritize watering trees over laws.  
  • Water late at night or early in the morning as this can save 25 gallons each time.
  • Cut back on watering: eliminate one watering day each week, or cut back each cycle timing by 10 to 20 percent.

The full list of restrictions on water usage can be found on the city’s webpage HERE (just click on “Drought Information and Water Use Restrictions” on the right side of the page).

In August, Governor Gavin Newsom said Californians may soon be mandated to conserve water in September due to water shortages concerns.  

The last time all Californians were asked to converse water was in 2015 by former Governor Jerry Brown.  Brown required Californians to converse an "overall potable urban water use." The requirement was the first in California's state history which directed the State Water Board, to take immediate action to safeguard the state’s remaining potable urban water. 


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