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Here’s everything great about UC Davis

Students UC Davis enjoy a campus that continually gains national recognition for agricultural, medical, and veterinary sciences while also being connected to the downtown heart of Davis.

DAVIS, Calif. — UC Davis is a college campus that has become an integral and proud part of Davis' downtown core.

Students are not only connected to the campus but to the entire city through bike paths. They also share in the rich downtown area that continues to be popular with students.

History of UC Davis:

At one point, UC Davis was known as the university farm before it became a standard bearer for its agriculture, agricultural sciences, and medical and veterinary centers.

UC Davis’ history goes back about 100 years when the first university courses were offered in 1908. It wasn’t until 1959 that Davis was declared the general campus of the university.

What to do in Davis as a UC Davis student:

The Yolo County Visitor’s Bureau even markets the city as a college town because of the interaction they’ve seen between the City of Davis and UC Davis.

“Davis prides itself on being a college town that is rich in cultural diversity and is striving to pave the way in food and agriculture technology,” said Tiffany Dozier, Communications Director for Visit Yolo County. 

“The City of Davis and UCD work hand-in-hand to really bring out the best that each has to offer, bringing to the table a truly unique and exciting place to live and play.”

The college is located in a city that has events for nearly any activity, and the university finds itself well connected to other parts of the city with the bike-friendly area. 

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It also finds itself directly connected to Davis’ downtown core that connects students to the local scene and the ever-popular Davis Farmers Market, which brings students to the downtown area with live music, local food, and local crafts.

“It is probably the biggest event that attracts both students and locals to come together in the same place,” said Monica Norris, marketing coordinator for Davis Downtown and former UC Davis student herself.

“Davis is special because locals and students find themselves spending time here, whether it's to study, grab a meal, or enjoy a night out with friends,” Norris added. “It is welcoming to visitors and is the best place for the community to come together as one and appeals to every audience living in the area.”

What are people majoring in?

While the university is renowned for agriculture programs, the majority of students are graduating with the following degrees, according to the UC Davis' student profile:

  • Psychology 9%
  • Biological Sciences 7%
  • Economics 5%
  • Managerial Economics 5%
  • Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior 4%
  • All other degree areas 70%

In the 2017-18 academic year, the university awarded 8,802 bachelors degrees among their 100 undergraduate programs. Among those were 667 degrees in Economics, 753 degrees in Psychology, 580 degrees in Managerial Economics, and 432 degrees in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.

Top majors for 2016-17 are available at this link.

UC Davis highlights:

UC Davis has no shortage of accolades from its rankings as a top college to its research efforts with the UC Davis Medical Center that have benefited the City of Davis and many other communities.

- The UC Davis Medical Center

The UC Davis Medical Center is one of the major health care centers in Sacramento that is owned and operated as part of UC Davis.

The UC Davis School of Medicine is consistently ranked among the best in the country for primary care and research by U.S. News & World Report, and the UC Davis Medical Center also operates the only level 1 trauma center for both adult and pediatric emergencies in inland Northern California.

- UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden

The historic 100+ acre Arboretum has a collection of 22,000 trees and plants that are arranged in a series of gardens representing different geographic areas and plant groups. It was merged with the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve and the rest of the 5,300-acre campus.

- #1 in agricultural economics and policy research

The Center for World University Rankings recognized it as #1 in agricultural economics and policy research by the Center for World University Rankings.

- #1 in the world in programs for plant and animal sciences 

U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Global Universities” report ranked it as #1 in the world in programs for plant and animal sciences in 2016.

UC Davis Veterinarian Jamie Peyton was also highlighted for her use of fish-skin bandages to help heal animals that were impacted by the Camp Fire. It was the first use of the technique for nonhuman patients.

- Preparing to apply to become an HSI university

UC Davis met the final criteria to apply for Hispanic Serving Institution status. The university has been preparing to apply for the designation, which has helped students at other Northern California colleges like Stanislaus State University and Sacramento State University.

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