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A 14-year-old, who started going to UC Davis when he was 12, is preparing to graduate from the university with a degree in biomedical engineering.

Tanishq Abraham was originally accepted into other prestigious schools but was unable to attend because of his age. His parents drive him to class everyday.

"I'm used to it, because I've been in college for so long cause I've been taking community college since I was 7," Tanishq said.

His mother, Taji Abraham, who also went to UC Davis, said she expects to get emotional when he graduates.

"We hear this all the time with other reporters, 'What is the secret?'" Taji said. "I guess we're just blessed with two wonderful kids, and I think it has to do with the parenting with the kids."

William Tavernetti, a professor at UC Davis, says students in class were a little intimidated by Tanishq before getting to know him.

"They learned he was very nice and brilliant," Tavernetti said. "He was a class favorite."

After graduating, Tanishq will be working on his PhD.

UC Davis did not confirm whether Tanishq was the youngest student to graduate from the college since they don't have a record.

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