ARBUCKLE, Calif. — It's been three months since Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona was shot and killed in the line of duty.

She was just 22 years old and starting off as an officer with the department. Her father, Jose Merced Corona, says the family is still trying to find a new normal.

"I know it's been three months, but so often people go back to their own lives, and with Natalie, it seems like it hasn't stopped yet," Corona said. "When it happens you're just on autopilot, so to speak. You're just trying to get through the day. There's so much going on."

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He said there are so many times in a day he's reminded of his daughter.

"Every day there's not a minute that goes by that we're not thinking of her," Corona said. "I think when we see her red car that she would drive and I see it coming down the driveway, my wife drives it now, the emotions kind of take over. For a split second you're like, 'Oh, Natalie is coming home.' then you realize she isn't."

The family has received cards, gifts, and well wishes from all around the world. Some of them aren't even addressed to the family's home, but the local post office makes sure they receive them.

"To me, it's been surreal that people have supported us from the beginning and continue to support us and continue to call us," Corona said. "We've received two to three calls just today from family members just thinking of us. They want us to know they haven't forgotten us."

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The family has done things together to make sure she's not forgotten.

"We try to do things that are gonna keep her name alive," Corona said. "One of the things we did was plant a tree in the park, so we're gonna put some benches around that. We're also looking to do a picnic area around the park."

There have been several events held in memory of Natalie. On April 27, there will be a Walk, Run, or Horseback Ride to honor Natalie. It's called a "Color It Blue" similar to a color run. The horseback riders will not be subjected to the colored powders. The proceeds will be going to the Natalie Corona Memorial Fund. Some of the money will be going toward scholarships and helping communities thrive.

Another way the family has grieved is through knowing how much Natalie means, not only to them but to so many.

"I've known a lot of people who live into their 80s that didn't touch as many people as she has. And so she lived a full life even though she was only 22 and left us so soon," Corona said.

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