The sound of music is making its way through Davis. And it's coming from public pianos placed throughout the city.

It all started as an idea by two sisters, Hailey and Isabell Shapiro, four years ago.

At the time they came up with the idea, Hailey was still in High School. The call it “In the Key of Davis."

"We looked for pianos on Free Cycle. And once we got five of them, we distributed them around town and the city approved it," Hailey said.

Today there are seven pianos all around Davis, all of them professionally tuned and some with a new paint job, courtesy of elementary students. The used pianos attract people of all skill levels.

"That’s what I like about the program. You are a dentist or a school teacher maybe a little kid. People you don't expect to be able to make music sit down and make beautiful music," Hailey said.

Tiny concerts are taking place all over the city and some of the artist may just surprise you. If you want to come down and play or listen to the music, the pianos will be out all summer long. You can play them until 10 p.m.

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