For UC Davis grads Curran Wong and Shari Hakim, once upon a time began in 2008.

With the help of his best friend Tim Gettys dressed as the Genie, Curran put on elaborate Aladdin-themed production. He dressed up as Aladdin and serenaded Shari with a "A Whole New World" during a "magic carpet ride" on top of a car. As elaborate as that may have seemed, it wasn't the proposal, just how Curran asked Shari to be his girlfriend.

"We spent years trying to formulate a plan to be as deserving for someone who literally spends her life watching proposal videos," Tim said as Shari chuckled.

Tim just happens to make videos for a living. He runs "Kinda Funny" on YouTube. So when he asked Shari to help him out with a Disneyland rap video, she thought nothing of it. Tim handed her headphones and his cellphone, with a video ready to play.

It started with the magic carpet ride scene from "Aladdin" and cut to a shot of Curran, dressed as Aladdin, once again.

"Sup dude!" Curran said, popping up on Shari's phone screen. "From the countless pictures of us at this very spot that line the walls of the house that we bought together to our furry loves that make it a home."

Throughout the video, Curran continues surprising Shari. First with his friends, then her friends and then both of their families.

After Shari was already in tears, Curran shows up, dressed in a tuxedo and gets down on one knee.

"My Princess Jasmine," Curran said. "With you by my side, adventure is always out there. Let me know if I can have just one last wish."

Shari said she can't help but cry anytime she sees the video, even a little clip. For her, it's a fairytale come true and the beginning of a happily ever after.

Shari and Curran plan on getting married at Disneyland Resort in 2018, their 10-year anniversary. Of course, the wedding will be Disney-themed.

You can watch the full video here.