Sen. John McCain voted to begin debate on an Obamacare replacement Tuesday.

The Arizona Republican's crucial vote comes after his recent brain cancer diagnosis, which we wanted to know more about.

Glioblastoma is an aggressive brain cancer. Tumors could return and there is an average survival rate of about 14 months.

Politics aside, Dr. Kia Shahlaie, a neurosurgeon at University of California, Davis, said McCain's return to Washington D.C. for the vote was impressive.

Locally, UC Davis has been working on treating glioblastoma, which affects about 18,000 Americans annually.

Dr. Shahlaie said genetically testing tumors has helped. Each case is different though.

"And that's made a difference," he said. "A small portion of patients can actually live five years or longer."

Some new things UC Davis is working on include electrical stimulation treatment.